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Music plays in the style of pop 2000 Quick Overview: Listen good music and entertainment programs on the wave of the Belarusian radio MFM Grodno. Our leading and cheer you wake in the morning and evening cheer. Interesting programs will reveal to you the secrets and news of the musical world. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
MFM 105 FM BY.
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FM radio from Grodno 105 FM

Radio MfM property of Grodno Plus TV and radio channel. Commercial Belarusian FM radio station. It broadcasts in Grodno at a frequency of 105 FM. Listen to the Mfm with various international music and compositions of hit songs.

Music styles that sound on the radio:

Pop, blues, jazz, soul, hard rock
My city is my radio - MFM 105FM

Transmission on the wave radio MFM 105fm:

  • Wake up in the morning show - Ah Astakhova (8: 00-13: 00 - Zys uncalled / Drum for adults / Intelligent pancakes / console from the linoleum / Sill of thoughts / Chest with a vacation)
  • Not an easy Monday - all about hard and alternative rock (Mon-22: 00)
  • Show for men - E. Chuprakov.
  • Smachno Music - about the laws of taste of music.
  • Remove the Apron - delicious food and everything about cooking it.
  • Compliment for coffee.
  • What you feel is frankly about the inner world of a person (Wednesday-22: 00).
  • World map - Thu, Sat, 13:45.

Radio МFМ listen online in Grodno (Belarus), in St. Petersburg, Moscow (Russia) and even in Boston (USA). Give greetings and congratulations. Leave your applications for the performance of your favorite songs on the air. Listen to FMM radio around the clock anywhere in the world along with Bestradio.FM - the best radio online!
Radio MFM 105 FM Grodno
Contacts of radio station MFM 105FM Grodno:
Ul. Ozheshko, 1
Ind: 230023
Tel.: (0152) 77-3337
Advertising: +375 152-742-274

31.10.2022 MFM 105 FM Grodno — BY
Слухати МФМ 105 ФМ Гродно - українською
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