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Music plays in the style of news Quick Overview: Listen to the radio «Orange 94.0 FM», live broadcast from the city of Vienna. The radio station allows as many people as possible to enter their topics on the air, offers technical equipment, education and additional training, as well as effective support. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Orange 94.0 FM Vienna.
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«Orange 94.0 FM» radio station was founded in 1998 and is the only public radio in Vienna and the largest in German-speaking countries. Politically independent, Orange FM attracts more than 500 reporters, mostly volunteers, and broadcasts more than 150 programs in 25 languages. Innovative and creative approach to various topics, including promotion of non-commercial musical genres, we are at the boundary of interdisciplinary education and training. By encouraging discussion on various topics and letting the opinions of minorities whose problems are not publicized in the mainstream media, training courses allow people with different levels of education to create quality programs.

«ORANGE 94.0» believes in equal opportunities and actively opposes all forms of discrimination and exclusion. Following these principles, the radio attaches great importance to the transparent distribution of program slots and the equitable distribution of their resources. In addition to air time, infrastructure and technical support, the public broadcaster provides accessible professional training. The goal is to enable social activists to raise awareness and promote discussion of a whole range of social issues, as well as to promote a constant analysis of the role of the media in modern society.
Listen radio Orange 94.0 FM Vienna, Austria
Contact Information Orange 94.0 FM:
Klosterneuburger street 1
1200 Vienna, Austria
Tel. Office: + 43-1-319-09-99
RadioStudio: + 43-1-319-09-99 - 33
Fax: + 43-1-319-0-999 - 14

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