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ABC News - national news radio station, which is owned by Australian Broadcasting Corporation. There is also the same name of a special unit responsible for all the information that is announced in the programs and programs that go on television, radio and Internet sites owned by ABC.
Although the station is supported by the Australian Government funding, its editorial independence is protected by law.
   Listen ABC News available around the clock since then, as the radio passed in 2010 on a 24-hour broadcast mode. The main attention is paid to the air waves of broadcasting issues of national importance, national and international news.
ABC News station workers are trying as quickly as possible to deliver relevant local news and talk about excuses in the world. Guide wave tends to make programs that are broadcast, absolutely covered all areas relating to human life: business, politics, sports, entertainment, culture, sports, technology, health and medicine. It is noteworthy that radio journalists conduct their own investigation, the results of which are then voiced within the author's programs.

Regardless of social status and age group, everyone will find here listen for yourself program that will soon become your favorite. Listen ABC News Online - means to receive first-hand information from professional journalists and broadcasters. You will always be aware of what is happening in the world.
The only thing that you need - knowledge of the English language, and the rest is already taken care of the radio-it's time to Listen to the radio ABC News with us is easy and completely free.

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