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Music plays in the style of pop Rock Quick Overview: Wyep 91.3 FM radio station broadcasts live rock music composition and song pop hits that are leaders in the American and British charts. Listen to music it is always interesting on radio good music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Wyep 91.3 FM radio.
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Description Wyep 91.3 FM radio

Wyep 91.3 FM radio - pretty young commercial radio station, which was founded in 2001 in Sydney. Today it belongs to the corporation WIN Corporation. Earlier waves broadcast area were limited, but after she moved to the live webcast, listen to C 91.3 FM online and we can contact you. It is believed that after the closure of several stations, Wyep 91.3 FM was the only wave, which airs from studios in Western Sydney.

  From the outset, in the wake of C91.3 FM focuses pridelyalos rock music, which is sometimes replaced by pop hits. Three years later, in 2004, its format approached CHR. That is, the air broadcast only those tracks that were able to take a leading position in the American or British charts. Since then, almost nothing has changed, only the work of leading DJs and has become more professional, and the ether - interesting and varied.
Every day you will work with a team, which includes Stuart Crane, Jason Bowman, Tony M, Captain Pat, Chantel Armstrong, Silvio Rendall, Paul Glover, Christian McEwen and many others.

  Always a pleasure to listen to the radio 91.3 FM!
To dilute the musical content, they will hold for you entertainment, introducing the latest news in Australia and the world, as well as report on the latest developments in the field of music and entertainment business.

Driving music and pleasant company on online radio Wyep 91.3 FM give a good mood, which you will infect all those around you, whether it is just on the street, in the office or at home. Musical rhythms, you will ask the pace at which you move forward towards success.

C 91.3 FM Listen online with us - the best radio portal bestradio.fm easy and safe. Enjoy popular rock and pop music, good day and good mood!

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