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Music plays in the style of Trance Electro House dnb dance Quick Overview: Want to listen to dance music? A rhythmic dance? Then you will - Radio Metro 105.7. It is here drayvovye sound tracks and rhythmic beats provide ether energy and positive audience this wave. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Metro.
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Radio Metro 105.7 - popular dance station in Australia. Listen Radio Metro - be aware of all the new music dance club music and everything that goes with it.
Drayvovye tracks and rhythmic beats give the ether energy and positive audience this wave. This is one of the most successful stations. It sounds like a live dance compositions of popular world DJs and tracks Australian musicians.
What sounds on Radio Metro?
 24 hours a day on the radio Radio Metro can listen to online music in the style of progressive, electro, drum and bas, house, electronic, electro house, trance, among which mixes such famous didizheev as Paul Oakenfold, Tiesto, Above & Beyond, Armin Van Buuren and many others.
 Under broadcast music programs are presentations club dance tunes, as well as here, straight from the best clubs in Australia, online, tracks get local musicians.
Like most radio stations, in the wake of 105.7 FM airtime divided into three parts : morning, afternoon and night. Australians wake up to music and news on the radio station, which broadcasts Beals. Followed Funky lunch with leading Tim, Brandon, Rachel Blake Keegan or F, depending on the day of the week. In the evening for students held an interactive program «Big Drive Home», and «Chart Show», in which are presentations of the best songs.

 Now new items literally "word of mouth" on Radio Metro and so can you with the best radio portal - Without making payment and registration - free, just press PLAY and enjoy the best club music. Move to the rhythm of Radio Metro. Positive mood and good day!

28.07.2022 Radio Metro — AU
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