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Music plays in the style of pop dance Quick Overview: Listen to the radio online Nova will be songs in the styles of modern rock, dance and indie and new pop tunes whose motives are simply "chase" your musical consciousness and just sound. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Nova FM 969.
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Nova 96.9 - commercial station, which is owned by DMG Radio Australia. You will listen to Nova with great pleasure, because there are always new sound popular tunes whose motives are simply "chase" you, wherever you go, and quietly take the position in the list of favorite and adored.

 How did the radio station Nova?
Originating in Sydney in 2001, the wave was hard to stand out among competitors is reputable. For a long time confused with young radio station Triple J, because their play lists were very similar. Later radio wave shifted towards a more commercial format. Today it has several subsidiaries stations across Australia: Nova 91,9 in Adelaide, Nova 100 in Melbourne - 93.7 in Perth Brisbane 106.9. Sure, it's talk about the universal acceptance and love students.

What sounds on Radio Nova?
In broadcast station goes about ten completely different interactive shows that are fun for you and talkative speakers. Besides music pop songs selected respectively CHR format of the most popular tracks, heard on radio Nova Online will be songs in the styles of modern rock, dance and indie. Every Saturday the students are the 40 most recent popular songs that appeared this week in the program Nova's Fresh 40.
In order to listen to the youth radio station Nova was not only interesting, but also informative, between the release show and broadcast music tracks is sometimes included short news items about the show-business stars, musicians and actors.

 Be aware of musical events is easy - just listen to the radio Nova online for free on the popular portal We exist for you to listen to only the best music. Good mood!

Radio Nova FM 969
Australian radio.
Nova 969
Level 5, 33 Saunders Street, Pyrmont, NSW, 2009
(02) 9564 9999

28.07.2022 Radio Nova 96.9 FM — AU
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