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Classic Hits Music.
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Description Classic Hits Music

Classic Hits 101.7 - one of the most influential Australian radio station that aired in November 1978. In the wake of Classic Hits Online you can listen to the greatest hits of the last four decades.

The station broadcasts under the slogan «Good Times and Great Classic Hits», which permeates every air and reflects the whole concept of online Classical radio 101.7. It is a wave that wants to listen to the fully relaxed state in order to fully enjoy the classics and feel of each song, which probably lies in a series of memories.

Classical music, listen to online appetit!
 Live music radio stations are always filled with songs of pure positive energy. Yet, classical music - it's not only the dignity of station 101.7 FM. Best leading ready dilute saturated exciting interactive musical content copyrighted shows.

 During the traditional morning air in the wake of news will sound information, both local and global scale. Show business, politics, economics, sports and weather - all this you will hear one of the finest stations in Sydney. On Saturday morning along with Jonesy & Amanda listeners on a journey through time in the program «My Generation». Every week they choose a certain year and put well-known hits, to refresh your memory.

On weekdays, the classic sounds online radio live on Classic Hits without advertising, and from 12.00 to 15.00 ( local time), a leading Billy Veyveru. It selects for you the best songs of all time and gives a very fun and interesting to hear the comments of each of them.

Listen "Classics Online" on 101.7 informative and very simple. Now you do not need the old receivers that catch only local stations. With the help of the Internet and radio portal you became available Australian wave, which twist really good music. Happy listening and positive mood!

3 Byfield Street
North Ryde NSW 2113
(02) 8899 9888

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