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Quick Overview: Radio 2 CH-1170 AM broadcasts from Sydney in Australia, originally developed their playlists and broadcast songs in the style of pop, jazz, swing, rock and roll and rock.
Radio 2 easy CH-1170.
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2 CH Easy 1170 AM - Australian commercial radio station, which for over thirty years, managed to keep its leading position. The air 2 CH Easy listening online you hits from previous decades. Fans of the radio frequency immediately learn while listening to stars like Celine Dion, Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Beatles, Michael Buble, Kenny Jeet and many others.

The station is in an easy and relaxed style without overloading the listener or news information or monotonous music content. 1170 AM does not focus on just one genre and develop their playlists so that they were presented songs pop, jazz, swing, rock and roll and rock.

Every Saturday night host Bob Rogers holds ominous radio studio in the program «Reminiscing». He represents public popular world hits since the late 30's, ending with the beginning of the 60s. Among the popular radio presenters were also John Edmonston and Kel Richards, who work in the night from Saturday to Sunday.
If you live in Australia, you would wake up at a nice melody and appropriate jokes that would be heard from the lips of Jena Holland leading morning show. But, since we are in thousands of kilometers from Australia, our time zone is not the same, so if you want to listen to a specific program, do not forget about the time difference.

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31.07.2022 Radio 2 easy CH-1170 AM Sydney — AU
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