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Music plays in the style of pop dance Rock Rap Quick Overview: The radio broadcast from Armenia to live radio Hay FM listen contemporary hits of pop, rock, dance and rap. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Hay FM 105.5.
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Hay Fm Armenian
Hay FM - the first commercial radio station in Armenia. It was first heard in the distant call letters in 1994 and since then every day going near a radio is to hear hundreds of thousands of listeners.
Residents of the city of Yerevan, where and leads wave broadcasting, can listen to the Hay FM frequency 105.5 MHz FM-band. In addition, the station has its own frequency and in other countries, including Russia, the US, Spain, France, Belgium, Latvia, Kazakhstan and others.

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It is necessary to put the focus on the format of the broadcast waves, because in the local broadcast, you can hear not only the Armenian music, as in most other local stations, but also the latest modern hits. There are guided by quite a young audience - 20-25 years, that says a lot, in particular, on the rotation of the most popular songs of the most important trends. At a frequency of 105.5 FM, you can hear the pop, rock, dance and even rap, so that each of the radio amateurs will find at this station something interesting and attractive for himself.

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04.06.2022 Radio Hay FM
Слухати 105.5 ФМ - українською
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