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Music plays in the style of народные-песни Quick Overview: The Armenian radio station, which broadcasts from the largest city of Turkey in Istanbul. We are ready to unite the voices of the whole world. We are glad to make all the people on the planet earth. Listen to music and broadcasts that carry multicultural information. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Nor Radio.
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International music sounds on the radio. Listen in the air of the program in English, Turkish and Armenian. We promote international friendship, freedom of expression and cultural exchange. We oppose discrimination and nationalism, against the destruction of the environment. We welcome and develop equality and freedom of choice. Listen to Nor Radio and enrich yourself culturally.

Programs on air NOR Radio:


  • Conversation with the world - 20:00
  • Mavry Talassa - 9pm
  • Namag - Letters to yourself - 22:00


  • Rinna - 7pm
  • Wren Writer Z Report - 20:00
  • Anushabur - 9pm
  • New day - 22:00


  • Cliton, the planet - 20:00
  • Pelular Sound - 10pm


  • Rest - 20:00
  • Measures with sound
  • Hurricane - 10pm


  • Azad 21:00
  • Other birds of the world - 22:00


  • Yerevan Radio - 15:00


  • Kite - 12:00

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Radio Nor Istanbul Turkey
Contacts of radio station Nor:
Country of registration: Armenia
Broadcast Studio: Istanbul
Turkey, city of Istanbul
Step Street 34430

11.07.2022 NOR RADIO — AM
Слухати Нор радіо - українською
Слушать Nor Radio - на русском

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