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Svitle Radio TRC Emmanuel listen online for free

Listen Light radio Emmanuel online
Christian radio. Principles of Christian, human morality. Listen to modern spiritual, classical and choral music. Accept and enjoy the love and mercy of the Creator. Listen to the sermons and liturgies of the clergy of many Christian denominations. Listen to Christian Light Radio, look for the way to self-knowledge and to the perception of God....
  • Station name: Svitle radio Emmanuel
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 16+
Svitle Radio TRC Emmanuel
Listen to Radio Emmanuel online

Radio Emmanuel

The first broadcast took place on June 7, 2005. We created Light Radio to convey feelings of love to all people through music, art, poetry, literature, history. We carry out charitable work and evangelism, we provide real help to lonely and elderly people. We spread God's light. We pray hourly for peace and prosperity on the entire planet Earth. Online broadcasting will help to hear the word of God in any corner of the world using the Internet.
Created with God's help - Radio Emmanuel

Broadcasting frequencies of Light Radio FM:

  • Chernihiv 70.79
  • Lviv 67.82
  • Kyiv 67.28
  • Sums 69.02
  • Dnepr 70.37
  • Kharkiv 69.2
  • Zaporozhye 69.92

List of programs on the air Light Radio Emmanuil:

  • Actual today (Mon)
  • Parent meetings (Thu)
  • Great classics of Christian Europe (Mon)
  • Evening prayer
  • Evening school (Mon-Fri)
  • Day block of children's programs
  • Good morning God's word
  • Inquisitive connoisseurs
  • Touch the truth
  • Q&A (Tue, Thu)
  • Church History (Sat)
  • Commentaries on the New Testament by V. Barkley
  • Mom's prayer
  • Prayer
  • Prayer Our Father
  • My Ukraine,
  • Extreme dedication
  • Inspiration
  • New Testament
  • News
  • Tested by time (Mon-Fri)
  • Journey through the country of the Bible
  • morning prayer
  • Morning baby block
  • Reformation (Fri),
  • The decision is yours
  • Fresh word (discussion of the topic of the day)
  • Light recognition
  • Bright guests on Light Radio
  • Symphony
  • Family consultation (Sun)
  • In the footsteps of a fresh word
  • Choral music
  • Having a Son
  • Dear (PN)
  • Happy family (Wed)
  • I'll tell you about Him

Svitle radio Emmanuel
Svitle Radio Emmanuil listen online. Live high-quality sound of the broadcast channel 128kb/s. Hear the fresh divine word with Bestradio.FM

Radio contacts:
Country Ukraine
City: Kyiv
Index: 01010

Update Date: 04.11.2022 Radio Svitle Emmanuel — UA
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