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Prosto Radio Kyiv listen online for free

Prosto Radio Kyiv
Listen to us naively and easily, naively and positively, obviously and simply not difficult - "Prosto Radio." Rock music of Ukrainian and foreign performers....
  • Station name: Prosto Radio Kiev
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 16+
Prosto Radio Kyiv
Prosto Radio Kyiv

Prosto Radio

Wonderful radio? It's simple! - Prosto Radio home radio station for everyone

The idea of ​​creating a radio station arose in a cafe. And the first radio broadcast is dated 28.06.1994. The high professional level of the staff and the excellent ability to create a friendly atmosphere helped the radio stations win the hearts of everyone. Just rock music on Just Radio sounds.

Radio always strives to be better and allows to say with confidence about 100% guaranteed realization of musical needs of our listeners.

Prosto Radio FM radio station that broadcasts in 4 regional centers of Ukraine at such frequencies:

1. Odessa 105.3 FM
2. Kiev 102.5 FM
3. Mykolaiv 104.6 FM
4. Ishmael 101.2 FM

Play Online Radio online and with good sound quality 128 Kbps. We always try to create ethers for radio listeners and all the DJs and moderators, as well as a team of tech-workers will create small ethereal miracles.

Contacts of radio station Prosto Radio:
- Kiev
04107, Kyiv, ul. Otto Schmidt, 6
Tel .: +38 (044) 377-70-22

- Odessa
65078, Odessa, ul. Tereshkova, 15, 11 floor;
Tel .: +38 (048) 728-91-17

Update Date: 14.05.2020 Radio Prosto FM — UA
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