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Lvivska Khvylia 100.8 FM Lviv Radio listen online for free

Radio Lvivska Wave 100.8 FM
The radio station Lvivska wave broadcasts a youth format, as well as a music format for adults, which makes it possible for people from different age categories to love this radio station....
  • Station name: Lviv hvilya
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 16+
Lvivska Khvylia 100.8 FM Lviv Radio
Listen to Lvivska Wave radio Radio "Lvivska Wave " first spoke on the FM band in 1992. The name of the radio station was not accidental, because with the same name it became the first in Western Ukraine back in the 30s of the last century. By its existence under the same name, the Lviv Wave radio, so to speak, pays tribute to its history and long-term traditions.

Radio Lviv wave

Only the local population can listen to the radio on radio receivers, so its workers are targeting precisely this audience, more carefully considering regional news and the life of the beautiful city of Lviv.
Despite the strong competition in the radio space of this region, most of which are radio stations of powerful media networks, the radio confidently occupies a leading position in various ratings thanks to the work of more than 40 professionals.
You can listen to Lvivska Wave radio in the city at a frequency of 100.8 FM
Listen to radio - Lviv wave

Lvivska wave - supports the youth format, as well as the adult music format, which makes it possible for people from different age categories to love this radio station. The good quality of this wave is a big bet on the musical part of the air, here it is 80% of the time. The remaining 20% ​​is occupied by programs, entertainment programs and advertising time.

Lviv wave music broadcast.

Most often on the air of the Lvovskoi station there are domestic and foreign hits of different styles of pop, rock, and dance music. Also, everyone can order their favorite song during the broadcast of the corresponding program.

Everyone can join the community of listeners of the popular station, because now you can listen to the radio "Lvivska Khvilya" online. All you need is access to the Internet and free space in the bookmarks bar for the online radio resource bestradio.fm.
Listen to the radio "Lvovskaja volna" online on our portal is very convenient. Check it out for yourself and tell your friends!

Concert on Radio Lviv Wave

Contacts radio Lvivska wave / Lvivska Hvilya

Truskavets (Lviv) - 101.4 MHz
Owner: LLC "TRK" Lvovskaya Volna "
Email address: office@lwr.com.ua
Country Ukraine
City: Lviv 79008
st. Hutsulskaya, 9a
+38 (032) 297-18-95
+38 (032) 297-15-82
+38 (032) 297-00-07
+38 (032) 297-00-97

Update Date: 18.11.2022 Radio LWR — UA
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