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Galychyna FM Radio listen online for free

Listen radio Galychyna FM online
Radio station FM "Galychyna" broadcasts only bright folk and simple songs of Ukrainian performers of different years of release, which really create a good mood....
  • Station name: Galychyna FM radio
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 12+
Galychyna FM Radio
Radio Galychyna FM Ukraine
Radio FM Galychyna conquers the Western Ukrainian expanses under the slogan "Fine Radio". This radio can be called a real radio of Western Ukraine with a truly Galician character and the corresponding content of the air.

FM Galychyna - Ukrainian radio

The music and entertainment station Radio FM Galychyna focuses on the Western Ukrainian listener aged 30-55: it is on those colorful godfathers who like to sit, drink “okovitya” and eat delicious homemade lard.
The format of the radio Galychyna FM is fully consistent with its audience: there are fine songs of Ukrainian performers from different years of release, folk songs that create only a good mood.
Galychyna FM online

Radio Galychyna covers almost the entire Western Ukraine.

Listen to "fine" radio can be in 15 cities at the following frequencies:
  • Brody 107.5 FM
  • Borislav 102.9 FM
  • Slavske 102.6 FM
  • Turka 105.9 FM
  • Przemyshlyany 105.1 FM
  • Lviv 89.7 FM
  • Shatsk 106.7 FM
  • Radekhov 103.6 FM
  • Old Sambir 102.7 FM
  • Styry 107.9 FM
  • Ternopil 102.3 FM
  • New Section 107.6 FM
  • Chervonograd 103.0 FM
  • Lutsk 89.8 FM

The main part of the radio station's audience are residents of Western Ukraine over the age of thirty. The total figure of the target audience of radio Galychyna is more than two million listeners.
Listen radio GalychynaFM Ukraine
Every third listener of the Ukrainian radio station Galychyna remains faithful and returns to listening again. We try to make a media product that everyone will like.

Radio Galychyna listen online for free

But now, being even in Kyiv, even in Donetsk, though not in Ukraine, you can listen to Radio FM Galychyna online. We are the online radio bestradio.fm - we will be happy to help you do this. To listen to Radio FM Galychyna online, just follow the link.
Listen with us online radio throughout Ukraine and the world seven days a week, twenty-four hours a day. We are always glad to see you!

Contacts of radio station Galychyna FM

Email addresses: office@galychyna.fm
Krajina: Ukraine
m. Lviv, 79008
Addresses: pl. Cathedral, 12/5
Phone: +38 032 254 61 86
Fax: +38 032 254 61 85

Update Date: 09.11.2022 Radio Galychyna FM — UKR
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