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First Radio Odessa FM1 listen online for free

87.5 FM Odessa Pervoe radio 1fm
The first radio of thinking people listen to modern foreign music and drive away hot relaxation, gain energy for further deeds, your source of inspiration is 87.5FM or Odessa radio online...
  • Station name: FM1 Pervoe radio Odessa
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 16+
First Radio Odessa FM1
87.5 FM Odessa Pervoe radio 1fm
"1fm First Radio" is an international Jazz project from the city of Odessa. Music for Thinking People is a poly-stylistic musical cocktail made from selected contemporary compositions and jazz songs. Stylish and emotional music performed by extraordinary musicians, professionals in their field.

Music is not only Charts

The first radio Odessa online - the best music of thinking and reasoning people - 87.5 Odessa. Listen to FM1 First Jazz Radio from Odessa at 87.5fm or online. In the rotation you will hear the best examples of modern music of various directions and styles.

Listen in our resort town, the pearl of the sea, the best radio with unique musical content - "Radio FM 1" 87.5FM Odessa
Update Date: 12.11.2022 FM1 Pervoe radio Odessa - UKR
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