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Melody 97.5 FM Kyiv Radio listen online for free

Radio Melodiya is back in the ranks with its soulful programs and a few old presenters. The coverage of the radio station is very large - you can also listen to Melody radio online....
  • Station name: Radio Melodia
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 18+
Melody 97.5 FM Kyiv Radio
Melody 97.5 FM Kyiv Radio
Radio Melodiya sounded on the air for the first time more than ten years ago in the city of Kharkov. After some time, radio amateurs from Kyiv and all of Ukraine “got hooked” on the retro-style radio. Since 2002, the audience of listeners of the wave has been constantly increasing.

"Radio Melodiya" online Ukraine

The musical format of the radio station is perfect for people of the age category of 30-45 years old, because it broadcasts what these people grew up on - the best hits of music of the 70s, 80s and 90s. But this absolutely does not mean that a younger audience will not listen to Melodiya radio. Thanks to this wave, young people can get acquainted with the old legends of Ukraine, Russia (USSR) and abroad, which, one way or another, have ceased their work.

In addition, musical novelties also appear from time to time, in most cases new songs by performers who have kept afloat since the last century.
Until recently, Melodiya radio was going through hard times and stopped broadcasting. But the regular listeners of the wave did not suffer for long - Melodiya radio was back in service with its soulful programs and several old presenters.
Radio Melody Listen online
The coverage of the radio station is very large - residents of almost all of Ukraine can listen to Melody radio.
In Kyiv, you can listen to Melodiya radio on the wave 97.5 FM.

In addition to music, information and news blocks, as well as author's programs, also sound on the air. On Melodiya radio you can listen to programs: hourly “How it was”, daily “Endless stories about eternal love”, “Today ago”, “Magic chest”, and on weekdays, twice a day - popular show "Music Kiosk".

Listen to Radio melody online for free now live

Listen to Radio Melody online and enjoy your favorite hits, broadcasts are also possible. It is pleasant and convenient to do this with us - the country's leading online radio resource.

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Radio contacts Melodiya / Melodiya

E-mail: fm@melodiya.ua
Owner: Melody Radio Network
Country Ukraine
Phones: +38 044 585 44 55
Directed by: Black Alexander

Update Date: 16.11.2022 — Radio Melodia FM — UA
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