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Pyatnica Radio listen online for free

Radio Pyatnitsa Kyiv 101.1 FM
Pyatnica is a radio station broadcasting in Kyiv, listen to chanson music and popular songs on the wave. This is one of the leaders of Ukrainian radio broadcasting, aimed at fans of pop music of the 1980s-2000s and good high spirits....
  • Station name: Radio Pyatnica
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 16+
Pyatnica Radio
Radio Pyatnica
Kyiv radio station that will appeal to all drivers and active listeners of popular songs and chanson. The frequency of broadcasting fm radio in Kyiv is 101.1 FM.

Listen to "Radio Friday" Ukraine

Meet on "Friday" hot compositions from your favorite stars of the Ukrainian air: Anya Sedokova, Svetlana Tarabarova, The Vyo, Clay Ugryumy, Potap, Evgeny Koshevoy, Sergey Prytula, Yuri Gorbunov, Dmitry Komarov, Vincenzo Barba, Alexander Krivoshapko and others.
We ALWAYS Pyatnica!

Radio Pyatnica tries to be its own for all occasions. Chanson plays on the air - the driver in the car is resting.

What programs are broadcast on Radio Pyatnica?
Listen to your favorite programs on the air of the radio: "Big Pyatnica", "Pyatnica Performs", "Who Came to Sivokho", "Holy at Koshik", "Radio Friday Performs" Host Victoria Zubreychuk is the soul of the radio station and burns jokes and jokes listen to her every day broadcast - "Radio Friday Performs".

Radio Pyatnica listen online for free

Radio Friday listen online for free on www.bestradio.fm here are the best songs that will cheer you up.
Radio Pyatnica (Kyiv) 101.1

And also the well-known joker and kvnschik with his original voice timbre will cheer and introduce in the program "Who came to Sivokho?", listen to the show with Sergey Sivokho on the wave of the radio station on Thursday from 15 to 17 hours live.


Country Ukraine
City: Kyiv
Index: 04107,
Kirillovskaya street, 104-a
Phone: 044-377-55-95
SMS to 7610 the first word "Пятница" (The cost of services is standard for your operator)

Update Date: 27.08.2022 Radio Pyatnica Kiev — UA
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