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Tvoe 101.4 FM Lviv Radio listen online for free

Native radio - Your radio. Listen to the best popular songs of foreign and Ukrainian performers live on the wave of the radio station - "Your Radio"....
  • Station name: TVOE RADIO - UA
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 16+
Tvoe 101.4 FM Lviv Radio
Tvoe Radio slushat online
Tvoe radio - Ukrainian radio station is broadcast from the city of Drohobych (Lviv region) at a frequency of 101.4 FM.

History of TVOERadio

The radio station organized its first broadcast on June 16, 2006. Even then, the young team of "Your Radio" studied and progressed, improved their skills in creating really positive programs in order to give good emotions. Every day the audience has increased and today it is many thousands of fans of music lovers. Your radio listeners are approximately young people aged 20 to 40 years old.

Listen to TVOE RADIO

What's on Tvoe radio?

On the air around the clock 24/7 broadcasting, you can listen to music and entertainment content and information and educational programs. A feature of the station is the constant sound of your favorite foreign and Ukrainian hits that help lift the mood and improve the quality of rest or work, increase the tone of each listener.

Your native radio
We are known and listened to!
The radio station YOUR RADIO is actually listened to by 50% of the inhabitants of the Lviv region and several western regions of Ukraine bordering it.
One of the highest rating radio stations physically present and broadcasting in the Lviv region.
And it's all about the ability to select musical content and present information. An important place is occupied by prompt and reasoned - unbiased releases of current news. Also on the air of Your Radio, you can listen to entertainment and humorous programs complemented by popular music and unique hit parades.

You can listen at a frequency of 101.4 Mhz - using the coverage of the FM radio station wave in the cities:
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"Tvoe radio" - native radio!

Listen to TvoeRadio - be aware of the news of Ukraine and enjoy the sound of foreign and Ukrainian popular music.
For all listeners who want to really hear the Ukrainian radio wave, we advise you to use the bestradio.fm service and get access to the broadcast of the radio station online - anywhere in the world using the Internet. Listen to radio online for free together BestRadio.FM - the best music radio portal. In order to start listening to Your Radio - click on the play button in one of the suggested players.


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tel. (24) 45-55-00

Update Date: 16.11.2022 Tvoe radio - UKR
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