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Hromadske Kyiv Radio listen online for free

Gromadske radio
Listen to Hromadske radio and stay up to date with the news happening in Ukraine and in the world. Link to all radio stations in Ukraine - choose and listen. On the wave of Hromadske, you will hear independent and unbiased news....
  • Station name: Hromadske
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 16+
Hromadske Kyiv Radio
Gromadske radio Ukraine

Hromadske Public Radio

Fully broadcasts on the Internet from Kyiv.
The radio station of the Public Radio in an independent audio format broadcasts news and discussions, interesting interviews.

Hromadske radio - "Listen, Think"

The broadcasting of the radio station is carried out in an information-conversational format. Author's and musical programs sound on the air.
Listening to the public will be interesting to every conscious Ukrainian. The latest news that happened in Ukraine and Donbass.
The main direction of broadcasting consists of a block of fresh news and author's programs recorded and also live.

Always fresh news releases you can hear every hour from 06-00 to 24-00 on the air.
The radio station's policy is against placing advertisements for PR products and services such as alcohol, tobacco, luxury goods, financial pyramids. Therefore, listening to "Hromadske" you will not be forced to offer unhealthy and financially unhealthy proposals.

Listen to Hromadske and get enlightened on bestradio.fm live broadcast of the radio station.

Hromadsky's contacts

Country Ukraine.
City: Kyiv
Editorial phone: 067-22-01-674
Address for correspondence: st. Gaidara 58/10, 4th floor
Contact email: hromadske.radio@gmail.com

Update Date: 17.11.2022 Hromadske Radio - UKR
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