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Hit FM Kyiv Radio listen online for free

Radio Hit FM Kyiv
Radio Hit fm for that audience of music lovers who miss the roaring 90s. Not in terms of gangsterism, of course, but in terms of the music we grew up with and had fun with.
HIT FM (HIT FM) is one of the largest radio stations in Ukraine. The radio wave broadcasts in more than a hundred cities of the country, covering approximately 86% of its territory....
  • Station name: Hit FM radio
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 16+
Hit FM Kyiv Radio
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Radio Hit fm Kyiv

This radio station is intended for that audience of music lovers who miss the roaring 90s. Not in terms of gangsterism, of course, but in terms of the music we grew up with and had fun with. We are talking about Russian, Ukrainian and foreign hits of that time, which we copied from each other on magnetic tapes and listened to them almost to the holes! Cassettes are already in the distant past, old music is replaced by new, but for those who cannot imagine their morning without their favorite music of the nineties, there is Hit FM radio.

New radio broadcast channels:


Live broadcast in cities where there are HIT radio broadcasts on the wave FM

Antopol (Rivne) - 103.7 MHz
Belaya Tserkov - 105.7 MHz
Cherkasy - 104.1 MHz
Chernihiv - 104.7 MHz
Dnepropetrovsk - 102.0 MHz
Donetsk - 101.2 MHz
Ivano-Frankivsk - 102.6 MHz
Kharkiv - 102.0 MHz
Kherson - 102.5 MHz
Khmelnitsky - 106.7 MHz
Kyiv - 96.4 MHz
Kirovograd - 105.3 MHz
Krasnograd - 101.6 MHz
Lugansk - 104.0 MHz
Lviv - 101.7 MHz
Nikolaev - 91.5 MHz
Novovolynsk (Lutsk) - 89.0 MHz
Odessa - 101.0 MHz
Hit FM radio listen online
May Day - 100.9 MHz
Poltava - 102.3 MHz
Shostka (Sums) - 91.2 MHz
Sums - 103.4 MHz
Ternopil - 105.6 MHz
Uman - 106.6 MHz
Uzhgorod - 100.9 MHz
Vinnitsa - 102.6 MHz
Voznesensk - 103.6 MHz
Zaporozhye - 106.6 MHz
Zhytomyr - 106.9 MHz
Kamenetz-Podolsky - 106.2 MHz

For the genre specifics of Hit FM radio, its slogan speaks - “From the nineties to today. Tіlki hiti!
More than 3 million people listen to the radio station every week near their receivers, which, you see, is a lot. In addition to good and beloved music, the radio station also broadcasts popular programs, news, informational and interactive programs every day.

The most popular of them are: “Happy early”, “90 minutes hits of the 90s”, “Gold reserve”, “Autonavigator " and others. The names of constantly sounding voices on Hit FM radio: Leonid Senkevich, Anatoly Anatolich, Denis Zhupnik, Andrey Chizh, Darina Esipenko, Olya Subbotina and others.

Radio Hit FM in Kyiv broadcasts on a wave of 96.4 FM. You can listen to Radio Hit FM online from any city in our country and any other country. All you need is to choose the favorite radio station of many Ukrainians in the online radio list on our website bestradio.fm!

Listening to radio online with us is very easy and convenient. Listen to radio Hit FM online and enjoy the music Hits of the 90s!

HitFM radio contacts Ukraine

Email: info@hitfm.ua
Owner: Limited Liability Company Television and Radio Company Media Market
Country Ukraine
Address: 04107, Kyiv, st. Nagornaya, 24/1, of. 803
Phones: +380 (44) 537-21-45
Fax: 451-44-45, 537-21-40
Director: Drozdov Vitaly Mikhailovich

Update Date: 17.11.2022 Radio HitFM — UA
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