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Podilske Radio 103.9 FM listen online for free

Podilske Radio 103.9 FM
Podolsk Radio was created in 2020 to improve your mood for all days of the week! Modern Ukrainian and Western compositions, as well as hits of the 90s, the best covers are played on the radio station!...
  • Station name: Podilske Radio 103.9FM
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 16+
Podilske Radio 103.9 FM
Podilske Radio 103.9 FM

Listen to radio "Podilske"

In addition, you can learn current local and regional news, information of a socio-political nature, listen to greetings and other radio programs.

Radio signal coverage:

  • The city of Ladyzhyn
  • Gaisinsky district
  • Teplytskyi district
  • Trostyanets district
  • Tulchyn district

The station covers several districts of Vinnytsia region in terms of signal propagation.
We are glad to present you the rubric "Interesting people", where you will have the opportunity to "communicate" with people who are interested in something and literally "live it".
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Contacts of the station Podilske 103.9 FM

Country Ukraine
City: Ladyzhyn
Petro Kravchyk Street, 33 office 2
Tel. live broadcast: + 38-068 209-22-22
Greetings and announcements: + 38-097 406-96-96
E-mail: radio@podilske.com

Update Date: 20.04.2021 Podilske radio — UKR
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