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DJFM 98.6 FM Kyiv Radio listen online for free

DJ FM radio live
So far, only Kyiv radio amateurs and clubbers can listen to DJ fm. Broadcasting wave of the popular radio station - 98.6FM (Kyiv).
But with us you can listen to DJ FM online, regardless of your location....
  • Station name: DJFM Kiev
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 16+
DJFM 98.6 FM Kyiv Radio
DJFM 98.6 FM Kyiv Radio
DJ FM started broadcasting back in 2008. In just a couple of months, dance radio filled the hearts of listeners and became one of the leading Kyiv radio stations at that time and to this day.
Radio DJ FM so far only Kyiv radio amateurs and clubbers can listen. Broadcasting wave of a popular radio station - 98.6 FM (Kyiv).
But with us radio DJ FM can be listened to online by everyone, regardless of your location.
For several years, making a allowance for the "age" of the radio station, DJFM has been confidently occupying positions in the top five among Kyiv radio waves.
It is worth noting that many metropolitan clubbers now share their precious time listening to the already popular Kiss FM radio station with a new and popular wave DJFM. In fact, the Kiev radio DJ FM is in no way inferior to the above-mentioned wave, so to speak, to the “big sister”, except for the coverage latitudes.

DJ fm Kyiv playlist listen

They also play the most new tracks of the world dance scene, keep their listeners up to date with all the news of club culture and conduct no less interesting programs.

Radio DJFM Kyiv goes far beyond the boundaries of our capital with its airtime, because only on this wave in Ukraine you can listen to popular radio shows of world-famous DJs and fame. Among the permanent foreign and overseas residents of the DJFM radio wave are Paul Van Dyk, Markus Schulz, Ferry Corsten and many others.

On DJ FM you can listen to a wide variety of styles of music. Most often on the air of the radio station there are tracks of the following dance styles: trance, house, pop dance and many others.
The radio presenters themselves DJ FM online, that is, live, often declare the main direction of their wave, calling it simply Pop Dance Music. And indeed, most often on the wave of DJFM radio you have to listen to the most popular hits, albeit club ones, but still with the prefix Pop.
Perhaps, it is this prefix that DJFM radio differs from Kiss FM, where, in principle, they try to divide the airtime into more styles.
Listen to JFM for free online

But, nevertheless, DJFM radio has already gathered its listeners in one circle and is unlikely to lose it.

And now everyone can listen to djfm 96.8 online and free of charge with us - a radio resource with no less modest name bestradio.fm!

Radio broadcasts on the wave FM / FM:

  • Donetsk DJ Fm 104.1
  • Zaporozhye DJ Fm 107.9
  • Kyiv DJ Fm 96.8
  • Kramatorsk DJ Fm 106.2
  • Lutsk 102.4
  • Sevastopol 103.7
  • Sumy 105.1
  • Dnepropetrovsk 103.3
  • Dubrovitsa 105.3
  • Zarechnoe 107.1
  • Kirovograd 105.8
  • Krivoy Rog 104.7
  • Melitopol 102.2
  • Simferopol 89.3
  • Chernihiv 101.3

Radio contacts DJFM / DJ FM

Country Ukraine
Address: LLC Ukrainian Radio Group
Email: info@djfm.ua
Phones: (044) -235-83-78
(044) 537-38-87
Fax: (044) 537-38-87

Update Date: 18.11.2022 Radio DJFM Kyiv — UA
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