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Tysa 103.0 FM Radio listen online for free

Listen radio Tysa FM online
Ukrainian FM radio. A unique, multifaceted radio station filled with multi-thematic content. On the air you will hear good melodies and songs and exciting programs. Tisza FM radio with Transcarpathian flavor will delight you with its songs, information releases and programs....
  • Station name: Radio Tysa FM
  • Category / Country: Ukrainian radio stations online
  • Broadcast Language: Ukrainian
  • 16+
Tysa 103.0 FM Radio
Radio Tysa FM online Transcarpathia Ukraine

Radio Tisa FM online

Transcarpathian regional TV and radio company, Tisza FM radio and TV broadcasting channel. The radio station was registered in 1945. We broadcast around the clock as FM radio and VHF, as well as cable and satellite (Astra 4A) 24 hours a day. Good music and unique programs will please every listener.

Thematic programs sound for all listeners:

  • Analytical
  • Informational
  • Film screenings
  • Youth
  • Baby
  • Musical
  • Socio-political
  • Entertaining
  • Reporting
  • TV bridges
  • Artistic

Listen to live programs in different languages:

  1. Deutsch
  2. Romanian
  3. Slovak
  4. Hungarian

Tisa radio programs:

  • Silk flower
  • Morning on the yew
  • Point of view
  • Territory of creativity
  • Telemetering
  • Sport time
  • Special projects for anniversaries and holidays
  • Special report
  • Social factor
  • With my own eyes
  • Your own boss
  • Rusyn family
  • Legal education
  • Congratulations song
  • Saturday to Saturday
  • Public sector
  • The main thing
  • Hungarian news
  • Unexplored Transcarpathia
  • Youth Varosh
  • Face
  • Area of ​​special attention
  • Welcome
  • Horizon
  • In time
  • To your health
  • Business Class
  • Art space
  • Accents

Radio Tysa FM Ukraine
Listen to radio online Tisa FM. Good sound quality of the broadcast channel 128 kb/s. You will hear your favorite songs with the help of our online radio service - Bestradio.FM listen to music for everyone.

Tysa FM radio station contacts:

Update Date: 06.11.2022 Radio Tysa FM — UA
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