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Radio Grindoteka
Listen to extreme music styles. You will learn all about the forgotten and underrated genre. Radio Grindoteka bursts into consciousness through extreme sound. The world's first grindcore radio. Grindoteka invites all interested to listen to reviews, interviews, music. Rattle and extreme sounds. Saturated timbre-vocal coloring and atonal guitar riffs....
  • Station name: Grindoteka
  • Category / Country: Russia
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 16+

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    Radio Grindoteka

    A 24-hour broadcast of music is addressed to all punk lovers. You will hear and learn about how underground culture has developed and gathered from all over the world. Hardcore music: extreme punk, sludge, doom metal and hardcore punk. You are simply stunned by the variety of hard dissonant music. And cool jingles will cheer you up and diversify your listening experience. Growling and creaking low frequencies - Cause euphoria among connoisseurs of this genre. And ordinary people are afraid of such a terrible roar.
    Life beyond the grindcore!

    List of bands and musicians. Performers who sound on the air:

    Bathtube shitter
    Brutal truth
    Fear of god
    Intestinal disgorge
    Napalm death
    Rotten sound
    Listen to grindoteky or rip throat and dolby strings.

    Listen to grindcore music online in great quality. Dedicated to all fans of heavy extra-dissonance music.

    Radio contacts:

    Country Russia
    Moscow city

    Update Date: 24.03.2020 Radio Grindoteka — RU
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