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Tengri FM listen online for free

Tengri FM
Tengri FM Kazakhstani radio station broadcasts rock and rock and roll music. It is positive and informative to listen to Kazakhstan radio online. Radio broadcasts from the city of Almaty and is famous for its broadcasts of always interesting and latest news, and you can also listen to good rock music, folk, modern world music (rock, pop, minimalism)....
  • Station name: Tengri FM
  • Category / Country: Kazakhstan radio stations listen online
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 16+
Tengri FM

Professionalism of radio stations and high schools - over the work of Tengri FM, there is a great team working with the team to work out programs and programs

“Nulova” of music from 23:00 to 24:00 to play new music tracks and recorded rock music - TUINDI.
“Tezh Muzika” here you can hear all non-format tracks - Bulda on the radio Tengri FM
Zvadesti Chart - to play the favorite songs of the best Kazakh rock musicians - the rock and roll "On the Top Tengri".
The acoustics are lively sounding of young and old musicians and those of online music that are broadcast directly from the studio in direct broadcast listen to the Acoustic video radio Tengri
Through all-in-all programs, you will feel the notes of a well-known international community - the planet of the ethical music "The Spirit of Tengri" (week 22: OO)
At the Krosover program - hear harmoniously about the experimental styles - about the jazz and techno, classical and rock, and that pop music.
At the middle of 22:00 Two Life Through - read the music of the golden age of rock.
“Beatz Nazavzhdi” rock-n-roll in efіrі Tengri FM VIP programs - quartet at 22:00
Program composition Blues graє on friday about 22: OO
Vibrancy tracks - the latest top-of-the-line British new-wave sounds about 10 p.m.
Rock music calendar - program about the creation of legendary rock compositions, history of rock legends. Almost a qiu transmission is possible by the extension of a long tree.
New IT-RADIO technology hear radio in pon. 12:20, Tuesday 14:42 - advance technology, very modern technology and electronics.
Live special reporting - about new and good sound on weekends about 11: GO rossiyskaya and about 11:30 on Kazakh movi. With a repeat of the offensive wound at 6: OO і 6:30. At wih_dnі at 14:00 and 14:30.
About the Kazakh national instruments and not only, you can learn about the transmission of Ethnosound - historical facts of the folk instruments and instruments in the world (recognition, sounding, and speaking) four times a day.
Yak manage finances and minumum vitrachati pennies and are not known in the program of Great Economy. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 14:12.

Professionals who lead you to cheer you up and up to date and to get new ideas 30 leather - to inform you that I am in Kazakhstan and that.
Radio Tengri FM online rumors are shredded, here the shortest rock music and music diversity can be heard by listeners from Kazakhstan and not only.

Radiostantsiyu - Tengri FM rumors online and shaving without shipment beyond Kazakhstan.
Update Date: 12.05.2020 Radio Tengri FM — KZ
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