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Radio NS listen online for free

NSRadio KZ
Radio station Radio NS enables listening to modern music, "popular format" as well as get acquainted with brand new compositions Russian artists and foreign artists....
  • Station name: Radio NS
  • Category / Country: Kazakhstan radio stations listen online
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 16+
Radio NS
Слухати радіо НС
Radio NS - one of the most popular stations in Kazakhstan. It was first heard in the call sign Air Almaty March 6, 1995.
Listen radio Kazakh NS today may more than 70 cities and towns. By the way, the station has one of the largest coverage map in the country, Kazakh language transmission, which, of course, significantly raises its ratings.

 Music format radio NS broadcast live - Top 40 popular contemporary music, so to speak, "popular format ", which glorified this wave. Here you can hear the best hits of the last years, as well as get acquainted with brand new compositions Russian artists and foreign artists.

Over the past few years, a wave of slightly changed its format, increasing the amount of information and entertainment programs, news and other relevant information. This allows all students to be aware of all the latest developments not only in his native city, country and the world in general.

 About entertainment content, there is also something for everyone. Thus, the repertoire of the station, there are about ten diverse opinion programs that are broadcast on weekdays and weekends.

Here you can plunge into the program: "From a pure heart", "Music of our generation", "Russian chanson", "hit after hit", «Buena Vista», «Portraits», «Know our», «Ermakoff Collection», «mood Jazz»,«Flavor of Love "and others.
Radio NS

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Update Date: 18.02.2022 Radio NS — KZ
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