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AutoRadio Almaty KZ listen online for free

AutoRadio KZ
The Avtoradio radio station broadcasts its air from the city of Almaty, Kazakhstan, on the FM wave with a frequency of 105.4 MHz, listen to the latest news from its own information service and the latest hits of popular performers of both Russian and Kazakh pop music, also listen to the weekly hit parade "Our Ten"

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  • Station name: Autoradio Almaty
  • Category / Country: Kazakhstan radio stations listen online
  • Broadcast Language: Russian
  • 16+
AutoRadio Almaty KZ
AutoRadio Almaty KZ

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Autoradio-Kazakhstan — a popular station, which broadcasts throughout almost the entire country.
Listen Avtoradio in the southern capital city of Alma-Ata on the possible frequency of 105.4 MHz by adjusting their radios to FM-band. As their frequency wave has 17 large cities of the country.

Auto-Music format station

Is the best hits of the last years, as well as the latest hits by popular artists. It should be noted that Russian-language musical product dominates foreign, but not eliminate it completely. Kazakh station also supports domestic show business and often airs the songs of their artists.

 As for the rest of airtime, it takes information and entertainment content. Regularly broadcast radio news own news service, as well as major news agencies in the country and the world, direct inclusion of correspondents from the field, celebrity interviews and more.

Also Avtoradio Kazakhstan boasts its own database copyright gear. In particular, extremely popular among the audience enjoyed the program "Curious Life" and "Inside Out", telling about the life and curiosities of Kazakh pop. Also domestic actors in a separate weekly hit parade "Our ten", which includes the best country song.
For fans chanson here regularly overlooks one of the oldest local transmission called "Chanson".

But it is not only rich in popular music programs Kazakh wave. Particularly noteworthy is the project "Between us girls", in which you can learn the intricacies of the relationship between the two sexes and the beat humor and a positive mood. Despite the pretty feminine name of the program, it sounds like the slogan " Men strictly allowed", indicating that the true focus of the project.

Listen Avtoradio Kazakhstan online for free and without registration you can on our website - the largest online radio portal BestRadio.fm.

Contacts Avto-Radio of Kazakhstan
city of Almaty, Str. Satpayev, 30 A
Whatsapp: + 7-707-105-05-05
Phone: + 7-727-320-10-10

Update Date: 28.09.2022 Radio Autoradio Kazakhstan
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