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Astana Radio 101.4 FM listen online for free

Listen Astana radio 101.4 FM Kazakhstan
Music and news on the air of the state radio station Astana. Listen in the capital of Kazakhstan at a frequency of 101.4 FM. Programs and entertaining music sounds for all listeners....
  • Station name: Astana Radio 101.4 FM
  • Category / Country: Kazakhstan radio stations listen online
  • Broadcast Language: Kazakh
  • 16+
Astana Radio 101.4 FM
Radio Astana 101.4 FM

Astana Radios

Kazakhstan radio station of the state broadcasting format. For the first time, it began broadcasting on the air on January 19, 1999 at a frequency of 101.4 FM.

They listen all over the world: Moscow and London, Seoul and Istanbul, and also in New York. For all radio listeners, we broadcast musical compositions, news releases, information and entertainment programs. The audience of AstanaFM is more than 800,000 listeners with a coverage of 150,000 meters. We were recognized as the best radio station in Astana in 2006 and also in 2012.
We are on the air 19 hours a day.
The main radio of the capital! — Astana Radio 101.4 FM

Programs on air of Radio Astana:

  • Future Energy
  • I am Kazakh!
  • Saten Online
  • Anthropologist
  • Unity
  • Civilization field
  • Right to Know
  • Landing-Land
  • Shanyrak
  • Evening Light!
  • Future without barriers
  • News
  • Just okay
  • Dual espresso
  • Life without barrier
  • 1001 professions
  • Recipe for health
  • Aldassan
  • News break
  • Horizon
  • Night Astana
  • Uninstvo-kz
  • In the peak of the peak
  • Evening Astana
  • Startup Rosta
  • From and to
  • Welcome to Astana
  • The Sharine
  • Arylym Astana
  • Sport life
  • International Review
  • Call to mind
  • Earth-Mother
  • Saturday meeting
  • The way of life
  • Strategy Discussion Club
  • Steppe Verde
  • Dnevnik pamyati
  • Gold pedestal
  • Social life
  • Our city
  • Auto-save
  • Giving the planet

Listen to Astana Radiosy 101.4 online live with a high-quality sound channel. Zhuldyz Astana on Bestradio.fm - online radio from Kazakhstan.

Contacts of the radio station Astana Radio 101.4 FM:
Tel.: +7(7172)55-3353
Advertising: +7(7172)55-3392

Update Date: 29.09.2022 Astana Radio 101.4 FM — KZ
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