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Kazakh radio
Favorite melodies and native Kazakh songs. The best music hits and collections sound for you.
If you are at work, be sure to turn on the radio - according to the researchers, listening to your favorite music, we improve our creativity. Artists and DJs from Kazakhstan.
Do you like listening to music at work? It improves the creativity of futurism and culture. Choose and listen to Kazakh state and commercial radio stations.

Music from Kazakhstan during work should not distract you, on the contrary, it can be useful in the performance of your duties. According to the results of several studies, he not only improves our creativity, but also accelerates the pace of work. Although, according to some researchers, this is not necessarily the best basis for remembering new information, it can increase productivity - especially if we are good at what we skillfully do. RTRK Kazakhstan JSC.

Any music stimulates the pleasure center located there, as well as a specific connection between the limbic system of the brain and the anterior orbital cortex, among other things, to regulate the so-called affective (emotional) processes and the internal mechanisms of personality motivation related to them. Listen to the radio and be motivated!
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