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BESTRADIO FM - radio online listen to everyone
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    Radio Bestradio FM has made its historic progress since the beginning of 2004.
    Briefly about the history of the site-rating of radio stations: Our "Radio Ratings" are presented to all listeners of the world. Bestradio works very closely and shares experience and information with many media, FM and online radio stations in all major cities in the world.

    "Listen to the radio - hear the whole WORLD"

    Our rating for Radio has been working for all users for many years. Therefore, we have created a site that saves time and helps you quickly choose popular radios, listen to your favorite music and the best media products. Top 40 contemporary electronic and club music.

    Why radio online from BEST RADIO FM

    The radio from famous manufacturers is a great harmonious harmony of the best music styles. We are ahead of time by using new technologies and formulas to rank the best online and FM radio stations. Therefore, we have created a media site, which shows countries: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Australia, Belgium, Moldova.
    New music shows, full albums and classical music, as well as songs from gold collections and charts, sound for you.

    Advantages of online radio "BESTRADIO"

    Convenient search by name, styles, years. Listen and find out the artist's name as well as the song's name, songs. The list of the most recent listened to radio stations will help you to find and find your favorite music stations.

    Assortment of Internet and FM radio stations

    On our site presents the best of famous music media, FM online radio: Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Spain, USA.
    Music styles offered on the site: Contemporary, Classical, Popular, Drum and Bass, Dubstep, Techno, Trans, House, Hip Hop, RnB, Electro, Dance, Lounge, Blues, Jazz, Rock, Latin, Chanson, Rock and Roll Roll, Folk Songs, For Kids, News. Wide range of styles and breakdown by year (from the 60's to 2000-20) for your convenience, instantly find and choose your own radio station.

    Ability to listen to radio and broadcast types

    Listen to the radio in good sound quality and stream selectable (kb/s in kilobytes per second): 320, 256, 128 mp3 for fast internet and 16, 32, 64 for music gadgets and patented audio file formats with a new encoding algorithm with less Consumed volume of traffic than MP3 and enhanced audio quality - AAC 40kb/s and 64kb/s, it is convenient for mobile devices (phones, smartphones, tablets). Listen radio online for free, live broadcasts with good audio quality for PC and mobile.
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