BestRadio.FM 🚩 Answers to frequently asked questions
Answers to frequently asked questions
We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions, with answers to them. To give you the opportunity to always find quick solutions to any problems that arise.

How can I add a radio station?
You can create and send an add request. We will review and inform you of the status by contact mail.

Why do I need to register?
Registration on the site is optional. You can listen to the radio online without registering. But if you register, you are waiting for additional features and fewer promotional materials.

How to use your favorite bookmarks?
This is your personal list of radio stations available after a simple registration.
To bookmark - click on the appropriate button.

How can I help BestRadio website?
Share it with your friends. Tell us on social networks, post a mention on your blog.

What if the radio does not work?
Please let us know about it.

And if, all the radio stations stopped working?

Simple answers to difficult questions. If you have any questions, first browse, maybe the answer is already found. We will improve communication using optimal and convenient communication channels with our listeners.

If there is no answer, write and ask a question. The Bestradio administration will be happy to help.
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