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Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe that is completely surrounded by land and has many historical sites. Listen to Belarusian radio stations FM Internet broadcasts. Belarusian radio online Convenient interface, with sections by category: styles, genres, years. Listening to the radio is possible without registration and is completely free. A unique opportunity to add platforms to your favorites and leave your suggestions and comments. Listen live 50 Belarusian-language radio stations 🇧🇾.

Belarusian radio listen online

Belarus is a country in Eastern Europe with a population of more than 9.5 million people. It is a homogeneous state according to the key nationality living in the country. State policy has a colossal influence on many spheres of life of citizens of the state. Commercial media in Belarus are represented in a minimal amount - the vast majority of sources of informing the population come under the protection of the state. Meanwhile, the country is developing organically, and residents have access to information and entertainment channels. Radio of Belarus in the Soviet Era: Broadcasting of all former Soviet republics is closely connected, since it has essentially identical roots. So, at the beginning of the 20th century, radio in Belarus was only in its infancy, and was more likely a source of dissemination of the ideology of the communist party than a means of mass information. In post-war times and during the development of socialism, radio stations focused on coverage of the victories of the USSR in the international arena, set records. You can listen to a huge selection of live radio online for free on the pages of our website.

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Belarusian radio stations onlineRadio in Belarus today: Today, Belarusian radio is developing rapidly and is able to satisfy the needs of its residents not only for quality music, but also for diverse information, whether it is economic forecasts, coverage of important local and national events. All radio companies represented in the state can be divided into two categories: commercial music and entertainment channels and nationwide news channels. The former have a stable format: musical compositions of a certain genre (for example, exclusively rock music), which are complemented by entertainment programs, thematic sketches, contests and promotions.

Belarusian radio stations online

Such channels are also characterized by the presence in the digital channel. The most popular music and entertainment stations in Belarus include: Radio Rocks, Gomel FM, EuroRadio, New Radio, Radio Stolitsa. In this category you can listen to the best Belarusian radio stations online for free. Each of the presented radio stations has its own musical direction, their author's projects, interesting to listeners, go on the air. For example, Radio Liberty provides its listeners with an objective and independent point of view on many events taking place in the world and the country. The second group includes state channels, the founders of which are local authorities. One of these stations is Radio Minsk, which comes out under the auspices of the capital city executive committee.

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