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Shlyager Kyiv 98 FM Radio

Shlyager Kyiv FM
We listen to popular songs live on the radio station Kyiv Shlyager. We have collected the best performers from modern Ukrainian pop hits into a golden collection of Ukrainian music. "Kyiv.Pop" - this radio channel is aimed at listeners of Ukrainian songs and pop music. This is music that will appeal to a more mature audience.
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  • Station name: Shlyager Kyiv 98 FM
  • Category / Country: Archive of Radio Stations
  • Broadcast Language: Only music
  • 18+
Shlyager Kyiv 98 FM Radio
Listen Radio Shlyager Kyiv 98
Regional station radio Kyiv 98FM, opens broadcast of Ukrainian music station online

The best performers of the Ukrainian hit

  • Plato Mayboroda
  • Alexander Belash
  • Nazariy Yaremchuk
  • Vladimir Ivasyuk
  • Sofia Rotaru
  • Vasily Zinkevich
  • VIA Kobza

Listen to Ukrainian pop songs on radio Kyiv Shlyager.
Update Date: 27.01.2023 Shlyager Kyiv FM — UKR
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