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For millions of listeners, BestFM is a symbol of broadcasting, which introduced the latest technologies and global media solutions to the media market. The daily work of journalists is supported by advanced technologies for the production and broadcasting of online radio. Радио онлайнПочему Bestradio?
  • Top music content.
  • High-quality sound and working streams.
  • Website in three languages.
  • Rating of radio stations.
  • What sounds on the air (song, artist)
  • Adapted for mobile devices.
  • We are open to suggestions from musicians and radio listeners.
  • We combine long-term traditions with current updates.
  • We use modern broadcast technology, and broadcast quality.
  • We have work experience; for many years, employees have worked in public media.
Bestradio is appreciated not only by visitors, but also by advertisers. Despite the difficult market situation, in recent years we have managed to get a positive level of advertising revenue. Moreover, since 2017, we have recorded a significant increase in revenue compared to previous years.
We are supported by an extensive audience of listeners. Due to the wide and flexible range, we can offer the best options adapted to the needs of customers. We work with large companies and institutions, but also small entrepreneurs, who value, first of all, the effectiveness of the campaign and the ability to adapt, individual needs and expectations.

Rating fm radio and internet stations

The producers create, and we evaluate the work:
  1. DJ (voice and diction, experience and ability to handle a microphone in the studio)
  2. Sound quality music
  3. Atmosphere (mood, humor and creativity)
  4. Stream Quality
We make decisions that best suit the needs of our clients and the assumptions of this campaign. Offer includes sponsorship. We work both with large media companies and with entrepreneurs. An important value is the effective ability to adapt to the needs of our audience.

FM waves have evolved significantly since their birth in 1891. Over the past few decades since its debut, it has skyrocketed to fame when everyone wanted to receive information, have fun and exchange ideas 24/7 about the latest events in the world. Today, with the advent of the Internet, "radio onlain" has become an easily accessible service. Listen anytime, anywhere.
Music plays a very important role in human life. Personally, I really like listening to music, and listen to online radio for free, I do it every day. It calms, I relaxes and at the same time helps to concentrate.

At every step, people come into contact with music, various sounds, on the basis of which they create their own tastes, for example, there are people who love only heavy music, classical or other types. There are no people in the world who do not come across music, and probably not those who do not like it. Music expresses feelings, conditions in which the person who creates it, as well as words, text write to music. Based on this, the person composing the music wants to convey to the listener what he is feeling at the moment.
Music also plays an important role in the media. New programs and music channels are being created. More and more people participate and create daily, creating more and more online radio stations.  Like many other people, I can’t imagine my life without music and I hope that, as the saying goes: Good music plays for the heart.

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