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Quick Overview: On the international holiday of jokes and laughter - April 1, the radio station Gastarbaiter FM went live for the first time. Workers, with a foreman named Roll of Wallpaper, began to do renovations at the Record studio. At one point, having lost control, the guest workers seized the studio and began to stage their songs. It was with this history that the station appeared. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Gastarbaiter FM.
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List of DJs:

Alik Tsvetoev (DJ Tsvetkov)
Ashot Krasnyan (Krasin)
DJ Kumys (Kefir)
Krem-ogly and Khrust-zade (Kremov and Khrustalev)
Mahmoud (Matisse)
Takizhan (MC Zhan)
Fillet of Baranov (DJ Feel)
Yulnara (Julia Pago)

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