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Bach Classical Radio.
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Johann Sebastian Bach classics - works of genius musician and composer are aired online radio station.
03/21/1685 - 07/28/1750

History Bach:

Bach was born in Eisenach 21.03.1685 he was the eighth and youngest child in the family. His father, Johann Ambrosius Bach worked as director of urban musicians and imparted to the young Johann love for music and learned to play musical instruments: violin, harpsichord, clavichord. Bach attended St. Michael's School in Lüneburg, where he learned to sing in the choir and play the organ and harpsichord finished school. And at the end of two years after having become acquainted with their classmates, sons of aristocrats and their was more talented, he jumped at the chance to continue their education at a private school for the elite. The knowledge and helped Bach in moving up the career ladder. In 1717 the Prince of Anhalt-Köthen hired Bach as his Kapellmeister (music director).

In music, there is nothing special. You just have to hit the right keys at the right time - and the instrument plays itself.

What Bach can be heard on Radio:

1. Cantata.
2. Chants.
3. Mass.
4. Magnificat.
5. Passion oratorio.
6. Songs, arias and Quodlibet.
7. Works for Organ.
8. The compositions for keyboard instruments.
9. Compositions for Lute.
10. Chamber music.
11. Orchestral works.
12. Canons.
13. Fugue.

Listen to Bach

Bach's music to listen online for free in good quality sound. In a radio broadcast sound famous works loved by many listeners. Wonderful classics like and will be evaluated as fans of creativity, and people who have decided to enter the world of the fascinating sound of classical music.
Classical works will delight you with its good sound quality.

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