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Renaissance Period.
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Description Renaissance Period

Radio "Music of the Renaissance" - on the radio sounds works written by composers in the period of the Renaissance from 1400 to 1600 years. The radio station you will hear organ music composition, and canonical folk and church music.

Renaissance Musical Instruments:

Beautiful melodies are created using these tools: violin, viola, cello, viola, organ, harpsichord, harpsichord, lute.

Especially exquisite sounds as church music All composers begin their creativity and engage it in the writing of religious works, the most popular in this period.

Composers, performers XIV-XVI Renaissance:

Orlando Gibbons
Michael Praetorius
John Cooper
Thomas Campion
John Dowland
Carlo Gesualdo
Philippe Roger
Giovanni Gabrieli
Luca Marenzio
Giovanni de Mac
Tomás Luis de Victoria
Luzashi Luzasko
William Byrd
Dzhiashes de Weert
Andrea Gabrieli
Orland de Lases
Claude Le Jeune
Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina
Cipriano de Rore
Jacob Clemens-not-dad
Claude Gaudimel
Pierre de Manchikurt
Hans Nyusayder
Thomas Tallis
Christopher Tide
Cristobal de Morales
Konstnazo Festa
John Taverner
Adrian Villart
Thomas Krekilyon
Nicolas Gombert French
Clément Janequin
Philippe Verdelot
Antoine Brumel
Divaytis Antonius
Antoine de Feyvin
Martin Agricola
Pierre de la Rue
Jean Mouton
Heinrich Isaac
Josquin des Prez
Jacob Obrecht
Alexander Agricola
Loiseau Comper
Antoine Byunua
Walter Fry
Guillaume Dufay
Gilles Binchoys
John Dunstable
Leonel Power

Radio Renaissance Period - Online music of the Renaissance to listen free now live.

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