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Music plays in the style of classic Quick Overview: Vocal singing and choral music composition Medieval period (mostly religious works) listen to broadcast radio online Gregorian chant, psalmody and hymns and verses troparia. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio Medieval music - mainly vocal music sounds: Liturgical (Church) and secular (civil not a church). Vocal Chants are characterized by the use of diatonic modes (Gregorian chant), are also popular religious destinations: psalmody and hymns and verses troparia. A little later, there is a demand for a secular instrumental music which is played on a harpsichord, viola, flute.

Vocal Music of the Middle Ages - Medieval Music (476-1400)

Music dates back to 476 until the end of the 15th century BC and the time of the decline of the Western Roman Empire. In the air, you can hear songs only vocal version (choral singing), exclusively instrumental and uniting the singing part and accompaniment (chorus + body).

Listen to the music of the Middle Ages online free live in a wonderful sound quality, the performance of today's musicians.

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Слухати Середньовічний період - українською
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