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Music plays in the style of rnb музыка 90-х Quick Overview: R & B the best songs of the nineties to listen live American radio station. Bright and incendiary rhythmic, dancing melodies sound online Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
90s RnB Radio.
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Radio RnB 90 (rhythm and blues, rnb, «R&B») - online radio station is broadcast from New York (USA). Listen incendiary songs, popular in the nineties.
R&B 90's - is a genre of music with a sound combination of elements of soul, funk and African-American dance music, for the first time «R&B» has appeared in the 80s. The difference between Rap and RnB minimal music, but there is, in the RAP - recitative, while RnB - vocals.

Foreign performers and groups «R&B»:

Bell Biv DeVoe
Boyz II Men
Changing Faces
Destiny's Child
En Vogue
Ginuwine 1970
Aaron Hall 1966
Aliya 1979 - 2001
Anita Baker 1958
R. Kelly 1967
Aretha Franklin 1942
Usher in 1978
Beyonce 1981
Bobby Brown in 1969
Brandy Norwood 1979
Bebifeys 1959
Vandross, Luther 1951 - 2005
Deborah Cox 1974
Janet Jackson 1966
James Brown 1933 - 2006
Gerald Levert 1966 - 2006
Johnny Gill 1966
Di Angelo 1974
Keith Soweto 1961
Coco 1970
Lauryn Hill in 1975
Michael Jackson 1958 - 2009
Maxwell 1973
Marvin Gaye 1939 - 1984
Mariah Carey 1970
Mary J. Blige 1971
Prince 1958 - 2016
Tyrese Gibson in 1978
Tevini Campbell 1976
Toni Braxton 1967
Whitney Houston 1963 - 2012
Faith Evans 1973
Chaka Khan 1953
El-Bi Shore 1968
El Debardzh 1961
Eric Benet in 1966
Erykah Badu 1971
Etta James 1938 - 2012

Top Tracks Rhythm and Blues from 1990 sounds for you to wave radio. Play R&B 90s radio online free live in premium quality 320kb/ps

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