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"Radio J-pop" - US Internet radio station in the wake of which you can listen to Japanese pop music.
"J_pop" (English Japanese pop.) - This is the title of a Japanese pop and pop-rock music, zabrendirovannoe name for Japanese pop music (J-Wave Radio for the first time used the term to accentuate and emphasize the uniqueness).

Artists and musicians in Japan go a long way selections and competitions to the professional stage. For Japanese people, words have a higher value than Muzychko for the audience better remember all the J-pop songs sung entirely in their native language.

There was the late 1980s, and finally emerged as a style, and the name stuck until the early 90s. Basically, the rhythm of execution J-POP songs fast and therefore a bit difficult to understand. Performed music of this style of pop artists and experts who voiced the characters in the anime.
Listen to Jay-pop online free live songs from a Japanese anime and pop music in high quality sound - JPOP radio.

02.03.2020 Radio Jpop music online from USA — US
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