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Music plays in the style of Rock Quick Overview: Radio Assol broadcasts gonna rock all kinds of news, music, show business, politics and other areas can be heard on the radio. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Assol radio broadcasting company is part of the Black Sea, which began broadcasting 15 years ago - in 1997.
Listen to the radio "Assol" in Crimea can be frequency 104.8 FM.
 Working in radio format ROCK ALTERNATIVE, ie the musical part of ether filled compositions of rock music. Since rock direction has dozens milestones founders decided radio choose only the best of the best songs and artists. In most cases, on radio, you can listen to music gonna formats Oldies, Gold and Soft rock - a symbiosis of these hits of the past, which have already become a favorite of generations of rock fans, and brand new track from promising bands and artists.

 My favorite music on this page is available to you 24 hours a day, because you can listen to the radio gonna clock.
In addition to the rock - music format of the ether, radio "Assol" conquers radio spaces under the slogan "No sound falsehood"! and on the principle of "Entertaining - thou shalt teach". That is why all programs radios have cognitive, cultural, scientific and educational nature. In addition, of course, on radio also gonna sound and entertainment events : contests, quizzes, jokes.
Also leading this wave always talk about the latest news politics, music, show business and other areas. Newscasts aired radio gonna every hour.

Good rock quality selection available daily not only in Crimea, but also throughout the world, because now you can listen to the radio gonna online. Our resource - radio online portal - a great tool for this.
Listen to the radio gonna join us and you will not regret !

16.10.2017 Radio ASSOL music — UA
Слухати АСсоль - українською
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