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Music plays in the style of музыка 2000-х Quick Overview: The most South-Western Ukrainian radio from Belgorod-Dnistrovsky, Odessa Region. Entertainment and information radio station, telecommunications company broadcasts a variety of stylish music and excellent news releases on the frequency 102.9 FM and online on the Internet. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio Akkerman 102.9 FM

We are broadcasting on the border of Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. The first broadcast was carried out on wave 102.9 FM in January 2010. Listen on the air with modern music and current news, entertainment programs and send musical greetings to relatives.

Styles of broadcasting the radio station AkkermanFM:

Modern music for adults AC - Adult contemporary music
EHR - European Hit Radio - European popular tracks
CHR - Contemporary hit radio - Radio of modern hits
Dance - Dance Music
Akkermanskaya information fortress from the South-West — Akkerman FM

At 102.9 FM FM frequency we are listened to by the area covering 11000 km2.
And the total broadcasting is 45000 km2. (Together with the regional centers of the Odessa region - Nikolaevka, Savrani, Balte)
More than 700,000 people can listen to the radio Akkerman FM.

Programs on the air radio Akkerman:

News releases on the events in Ukraine and the world, as well as in the Odessa region - every day except on weekends at 11:30 and 17:30
Shop the miracles - play out all the prizes provided by our sponsors (send 1717 by SMS to number 7576 - price 5 UAH).
Greetings in response from 12:00 to 14:00 - congratulations and order songs for relatives, friends and relatives.
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You can listen radio Akkerman FM online in excellent sound quality, around the clock. Informative broadcasting and unbiased delivery of news like many listeners.

Contacts of radio station:
E-mail: akkerman.fm2015@gmail.com
67700, Odessa region,
Ul. May Day, the 70th
Advertising Department (048) 4969-765
Director, Tatyana (097) 73324-24

03.04.2018 Radio AkkerMAN FM — UA
Слухати Аккерман 102.9 ФМ - українською
Слушать Akkerman FM - на русском

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