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Music plays in the style of народные песни pop музыка 90-х музыка 2000-х Quick Overview: FM radio Stryy - translates popular songs of Ukrainian and foreign (again, except for Russian) artists and bands. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Stryy FM radio.
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Radio"Stryy FM" - Radio City stry that in Lovovskoy area. FM radio Radioprostory Stryy wins under the slogan"Radіo tvogo mista", and mainly focuses on the students of the region.
Listen to the radio «Stryy FM» is possible on frequency 101.0 FM.
Special uniqueness Western Ukrainian radio station is considered a complete lack of Russian-language content in the air.

Radio «Stryy FM» - AC: Live music is filled with popular songs of Ukrainian and foreign (again, except for Russian) artists and bands. Time to separate hits does not matter to"Stryy FM"You can listen to both brand new hits, which only came into the rotation, and last the test of time the composition of world-renowned musicians.

Sufficiently large proportion of their air radio"Stryy FM» occupy a variety of transmission and rozvlekatelnye program. For example, the radio ratings jump during such broadcasts as Muzichny potsіlunok, "car industry", "Rankovy stribok", "wounds on snіdanok", "Paradіz", "Vechornytsi in striyski", "Abracadabra","Kolambіya pіkcherz not predstavlyaє","Svіtovy chart", "Shaw Gnomіv", "Transformatsіya"- and that's not the whole line of the radio station. Can draw conclusions - listen here is what.

It would be a shame if it was available only to residents of one area or even the region, but in fact it is not. Now you can listen to the radio"Stryy FM"online, wherever you are, even on the opposite side of the globe.

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Program greetings and musical demands that not only translates your congratulations, but sweet kisses

23.02.2020 Stryi FM radio UA
Слухати Стрий ФМ - українською
Слушать Stryy FM radio - на русском

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