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Music plays in the style of Rock pop Quick Overview: Ukrainian music of Ukrainian artists. Experience the taste of free music. Listen to online radio in high quality sound, non-stop broadcast mode. Radio Contact: +38 (098) 300-57-41 Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
Radio Solyanka.
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Radio "Solyanka" - the online radio station of the Dnieper area, Dnepropetrovsk region, Ukraine. Popularize fresh and unfamiliar, high-quality music young Ukrainian artists and groups. Listen to the radio Soljanku you can anywhere in the world using the online radio broadcast on the Internet. We are a non-profit internet radio station and work at their own expense. Create an opportunity "to be heard" for the young and talented musicians.

Taste free music - Soljanka radio - only real Ukrainian music

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It sounds on Radio multifaceted Ukrainian music performers playing a variety of music styles. Ready to always be in the rotation, new songs and compositions by young musicians. Listen to the radio live Ukrainian radio wave hits on the radio Solyanka

Versatile in Ukrainian, English and Russian music played exclusively Ukrainian young musicians.

Artists and songs which sound group in Solyanka:

"The Seagull" - Eugene Schavlinsky
"Tse vzhe all" - a group of Scrooge
"Bii gіtari, biy heart" - Arlett
"Take my soul take away moє tіlo, I know five tsogo so pragnula" - Enji
"Little" - Karna
"Vilna Krajina" - Natolіch
"Do not wake" - Chumatsky Way
"Kalina, raspberry, Chom protsvіtaєsh not?" - Tree
"Thoughts" - MEDS
"Shikidim" - Chumatsky Way & Pavlіk
The Little Mermaid - DakhaBrakha
Cry from the heart - Meds

Radio Solyanka online listen to songs and creative compositions Ukrainian groups of artists, free of charge. For you now live Ukrainian music sounds. Solyanka online radio stations to listen for free - All lovers of Ukrainian contemporary music advise to listen to the wonderful creations of young and talented musicians.

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