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Music plays in the style of news pop Quick Overview: Business radio is broadcasting the latest economic and political trends in the world and the country, as well as good music - greatest hits rock and popular music. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Business radioBusiness radio — commercial radio station originally from Kiev. The main feature of a radio station that carries its broadcasting on frequency 93,8 FM, is a combination of high-quality music content and useful information for students with a solid and confident lifestyle - these businessmen.
Listen Business FM - it means to always be aware of the recent economic and political trends in the world and the country, as well as truly enjoy good music.

Business radio The brunt of the musical part of the radio station business is done on the best hits of rock and popular music. Basically it is a composition that has managed to pass the test of time and still remain afloat without leaving space in the world's most popular charts. But, in addition, on the radio business do not forget about the innovations - the best contemporary artists and their work, because standing still, no one can succeed.
With this concept, and a clear plan Business radio started to conquer radio spaces in October 2008, and to this day not one conquered the summit, raising their ratings higher and higher with each passing day ether.

For business people who are out of coverage waves offer Business listen radio for free and without any registration. Go to your well- conceived plan, together with the recommendations of the popular hits and Kiev waves, where you were not!

Listen online radio wave Business - very easily and conveniently using as a tool best online radio portal! We always try to be better for your convenience and good mood. Listen to the radio online on!

Broadcast of radio station Business:
Cherkasy - 68.15
Kharkiv - 106.6 MHz
Houses - 93.8 MHz

13.05.2020 Business FM Radio — UA
Слухати Бізнес ФМ радіо - українською
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