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Music plays in the style of Electro dance Quick Overview: MixFM Radio broadcasts live electronic music and remixes Ukrainian and zrubezhnyh DJs, club dance and other popular youth music sounds in the broadcast station Odessa MIXFM. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
MixFM Odessa.
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MixFM - broadcast on the Internet from the city of Odessa. The station started broadcasting in March 2007 (personnel Star FM radio station after the closing has begun work on a new project - MixFM). Listen radio Mix FM will be interesting for young people.

Since its launch, it adheres to the same rules - to be one of the best youth stations of the country. On this basis, the musical direction of the radio Mix FM me far more than once, but always try to satisfy the tastes of its listeners. At the moment, the format of the radio station fills the electronic music and sound composition styles of techno, house, rap and other popular youth music. In addition to music, as in many other youth radio stations, on Radio Mix FM constantly heard a wide variety of programs (information, interactive, game), interesting and topical headings charts. The radio station promotes and advances in electronic music live and club movement in Ukraine.

  Musically air MixFM listen live.
DJs and are leading the show in Ukrainian and Russian languages, especially for students from Ukraine, also considerable popular shows and programs Mix FM. In fact, every day is a variety of broadcast transmission and show DJs: Trance Radio Show, Matryoshka show, Slam Radioshow, Radioshow Storm, Fashion Music Radio Show, Jiga-Driga radio show, Relax, Napoleon show, Dancekraft and others. Even more good mood radio listeners Mix give excellent and constant leading radio station.
  You've heard a lot of good things about this wave, but can not catch it on my radio? Do not rush upset! Listen radio Mix FM online for free can be. As a tool you will not find a better and more comfortable life than our online radio portal. Listen radio Mix online at bestradio.fm - a pleasure!

Микс ФМ - Mix FM - Мікс ФМ
Ukraine, Odessa
Department of advertising: sales@mixfm.com.ua, phone: +38 (048) 737-49-84
news: news@mixfm.com.ua
Technical questions, contact: master@mixfm.com.ua

General Director and Commercial Director:
Alexander Huhnin
+38 (048) 737-49-84
Mix FM Odessa
Music Editor
Konstantin Isayenko


+38 (093) 624-56-03

13.05.2020 Radio MixFM Odessa — UA
Слухати МіксФМ - українською
Слушать MixFM Odessa - на русском

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