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Music plays in the style of музыка 80-х музыка 90-х pop Quick Overview: Nostalgie stream music consisting of hits 80s and 90s, listen to these tunes and soul becomes easy and enjoyable. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Radio Nostalgie - Kiev commercial radio music- news format, which began broadcasting as ethereal station in May 2000. Prior to this Nostalgie came out as a separate project transfer RA "Musical Exchange" at the Metropolitan wave Supernova for several months.

Musical content ether radio Nostalgie consists of hits 80s and 90s, and come from the roots of thematic titles - nostalgia for the soul good old times. Recently, the radio station is increasingly "punch" and newer hits - the composition, published over the last decade, making the radio Nostalgie more attractive to young people.

Target Audience wave Nostalgie people aged 25-55 years. The main core audience : 35-50 years. They know how to make and play.
70 % of the audience - people of middle and high income. They are educated and mostly family people with an active lifestyle : professionals, managers and entrepreneurs. 300 thousand listeners weekly.

Listener Nostalgie - an adult, mostly wealthy people. He is confident, has a good taste and takes life-affirming attitude. In Kiev, listen to the radio Nostalgie on their radios can be in the wake of 99 FM. The rest of this wave radio amateurs as usual, unfortunately, is not available. But the founders have found a way radios since 2001, you can listen to the radio Nostalgie online!

Besides the musical part, the radio station also constantly heard morning shows, newscasts, telling about the major events in politics, economics, cinema, show business in the world and in Ukraine in particular, entertaining, informative and interactive programs and much more.
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13.05.2020 Radio Nostalgie Kyiv — UA
Слухати Радіо Ностальжі Київ - українською
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