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Music plays in the style of dance pop Quick Overview: Best FM radio which broadcasts only new hits and songs that hold leadership positions in the world's most famous music charts. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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Best FM began broadcasting not so long ago - in 2009. Having conquered the first city Donetsk, Best FM radio to listen to the residents were able to Mariupol, Kharkov and the capital of Ukraine - Kiev city.
The format of its radio broadcasting Best FM borrowed the Americans, namely format CHR (Contemporary hit radio). This means that radio stations broadcast only new stuff and songs that hold leadership positions in the world's most famous music charts, such as the American Billboard, the main British chart and similar Russian charts.

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Radio Best FM - one of the few Ukrainian radio stations that adheres to this format, which makes it particularly unique.
In four major cities to listen to radio Best FM can be on the following frequencies: Kiev - 101.1 FM, Donetsk - 105.5 FM, Mariupol - 102.8 FM, Best fm Kharkiv - 104.0 FM. You can also listen to FM radio Best online is possible, using the best online radio portal

But the musical content is not all pleasant to the radio Best FM. Air waves regularly come and show the original transmission. So, one of the most popular programs are Strawberry Show, in which listeners can enjoy for yourself or loved ones favorite song, themed shows «Best For Men» and "Glamour" for men and women, respectively, and a lot of other information and entertainment programs.
Best leading FM radio Best recognized Anastasia Nekrasov Sergei Belov, Igor Orlov, Vadim Ponomarenko, Andrey Astakhov, Dasha Nezhnova and Margarita Fernandez.

Radio Best FM: Mariupol, Kharkiv, Donetsk, Kirovograd — Ukraine

Best FM radio to listen online - it is always in a good mood, the best hits and interesting programs. Listen to the radio online on!

Donetsk -105.5 FM,
Mariupol -102.8 FM,
Kharkiv -104.0 FM,
Kirovograd -104.2 FM

22.03.2020 Radio Best FM — UA
Слухати Бест Фм радіо - українською
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