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Music plays in the style of pop народные песни Rock музыка 90-х музыка 80-х news Quick Overview: Narodnoe radio broadcasts overseas star hits, as well as domestic groups and performers regardless of the time you can listen to the compositions, won the hearts of music lovers for a long time, and completely new songs. Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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"Narodne radio" — People's Radio came to Kiev and other cities of Ukraine with the hero-city of Odessa, where he first caught the wave at a frequency of 103.2 MHz in September 2003. A few months later, namely in July next year, the People listen to the radio and could no longer residents of the capital of Ukraine.
Folk radio from the very beginning has set itself a clear goal - to become the best radio for audiences age group 30 years and older. And now, almost a decade radio station confirms the correctness of the direction and goal.

Narodne radio Kiev

Musical side of their air fills Folk radio hits world stars, as well as local bands and artists, regardless of the time of issue : on the radio, you can listen to the compositions, has long won the hearts of music lovers, as well as brand new songs that dictate the rules of the modern world of the music industry.

Besides good quality music and, of course, the People radio entertains his audience a variety of transmissions. Thus, the air of a popular radio programs are very popular, "cultural campaign ", "Buenos Utros", "Palace of Culture. Chukovskogo", "People rumor"," first screen", "Hailing from the people", "Transmission with greetings" and many others. Besides entertainment programs, listen to the radio People can also always fresh and timely news from the world of politics, economy, show business and a lot of other useful information.

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Not to mention the leading radio station People, listen to fans of this wave which falls almost every day. Their voices and interesting programs encouraging Nicholas Badin, Ruslan and Lyudmila, Vladimir Zlatsky Ludmila Maximova, Ostap Artyomenko and many others.
While listening to the radio on the People's radios can not in all cities of our country — ether popular wave is now available for everyone: People listen to radio online can everyone who has access to the World Wide Web.

A "People listen to radio online" with us - the best resource online radio - not only free, but also very convenient. Listen online radio folk can follow the link. Have a good mood and only greatest hits live in your favorite radio - Narodne radio!

16.10.2017 Narodnoe radio — UA
Слухати Народне радіо - українською
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