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Music plays in the style of народные песни pop Rap музыка 2000-х Quick Overview: Molode radio - a real treasure, because it fills the air not only popular today Ukraine-language songs, but real hits of the last true legends and the freshest new tracks Ukrainian artists and artists from other countries Radio Player for mobile devices and tablets iOS & Android
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"Young Radio" (Molode Radio) — an online radio station that broadcasts its primarily promotes Ukrainian music and furrowing broadcasting under the slogan "A fresh look at the interesting world!"

 For lovers of the domestic music industry online radio youth - a real treasure, because it is filled with air, not only now popular Ukrainian-speaking compositions, but also real hits last true legends of the freshest tracks and new Ukrainian artists and artists from other countries, such as Canada, Spain, the U.S. and others, where the Ukrainian diaspora is well developed, who sing in Ukrainian. Of a certain genre founders waves do not adhere to, because Ukrainian music sounds good at different times and in completely different styles. Evidence of this is the wide range of genres of broadcasting: the air in equal amounts sound tracks of pop, reggae, rock, rap, folk, techno and many others.

In second place for the amount of airtime online radio is a young project "Gromadska movlennya" where witnesses can talk about various interestnyh events in the world and the country in particular, and also listen to conversations with various studio guests. Also online radio Young collaborates with foreign waves. Currently Ukrainian online radio Young has a joint project with a German radio - "History, as we live."

Finally a little bit of history. Young radio broadcasting beginning in 2005. Then Ukrainian music could enjoy at the frequency 69.68 MHz. But a year later, Young confirmed its youth concept by clicking on the new format of online broadcasting.

"Molode listen to online radio" absolutely free anywhere in the world easy and fun with us - online radio resource Listen to radio online young can follow the link.

22.02.2019 Molode radio — UA
Слухати Молоде радіо - українською
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